An embodiment guide to reconnect with the innate wisdom within your womb.

"If girls were educated in cyclical living from early ages, the would find harmony and be more in tune with their bodies. I believe this course is a drop in the ocean of change." - LIV THOMPSON


Sacred Cycle Wisdom is a 3 month embodiment guide to support you in reconnecting with the innate wisdom within your womb. Sacred Cycle Wisdom teaches you the life-changing skill of cycle syncing.

We teach you holistic menstrual cycle awareness for each season of your cycle along with practices and ceremonies to help you embody this energy. The intention of this course is to deepen your connection with your womb, your cycle and your unique internal rhythm.

This is a self-led online course with lifetime access. This means you can start your journey wherever you are within your cycle and revisit this wisdom at anytime.

To help you integrate and embody this wisdom deeper, we include access to an intimate sacred sisterhood private portal (facebook group).

What is included in this course?

Seasonal embodiment ceremonies

Guided rituals

Cyclical yoga practices

Holistic menstrual cycle education

Cyclical living planner

Live opening & closing ceremony

Sacred sisterhood connection

Individualised coaching support options

Life-time access to Sacred Cycle Wisdom

This is for the women desire to...

Learn the life-changing habit of cycle syncing

Develop lasting relief to period pain, PMS, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, mental clarity & emotional regulation

Cultivate an unwavering relationship of self trust & safety

Learn how to best support their body, mind and soul through each phase of their cycle through food, exercise, embodiment practices and rituals

Deepen their connection to their womb and unique internal rhythm

Expand their understanding of embodied feminine expression

Connect to their intuition, their gut-instincts, their spidey-senses

Find balance and harmony in their hormonal system

Structure their life around their cycle – play time, get down to business time, creation time, connection time etc.

Explore embodiment practices, cyclical living education & holistic women's health shared from our unique wisdom and experience

Cultivate intimate connections with like-hearted women


Jessica Verdier

"Sacred Cycle Wisdom.. created by two beautiful sisters who are the living embodiment of this cyclical magic. Learning from their stories, experience, knowledge and the way they are intuitively guided throughout their conversation."

"Just witnessing and sitting with them invites you into a portal to create more ease, surrender and flow."

"The teachings and practices offered in this container are so potent, a roadmap for women to reclaiming their intuition, power and sovereignty."

"I wish this course was an initiation available for all women to better understand their cycles and the ways in which this superpower can be harnessed for the highest good of all."

Liv Thompson

"If girls were educated in cyclical living from early ages, the would find harmony and be more in tune with their bodies. I believe this course is a drop in the ocean of change."

"My cycles were always filled with such highs and lows. I was constantly questioning my sanity at times."

"Learning about cyclical living has given me the chance to be one step ahead of myself. I've learnt how to truly care for my femininity and how I can strive in all areas of my life according to where I am at in my cycle."

Meggan Harris

"This program is such a great way to connect deeper with your womanhood."

"I am so grateful I have access to it for the rest of my life."

"I was a complete beginner who knew nothing about my cycle. I have gained so many new techniques and wisdom that I can use each month to navigate each season of my cycle."

"I am now more in tune with my body and able to listen to what she needs throughout my cycle."

"I love how real and raw each piece of content is. Courtney & Jaymie share just how authentic they are [throughout the course] and it is comforting."

So what EXACTLY is included this immersion?

Welcoming you into this immersion we will start with an opening ceremony. We will share Holistic Menstrual Cycle Education so that you have a holistic understanding of our hormonal system and the four seasons within our menstrual cycle.

For each season you will receive an embodiment information video, a ceremonial journey, meditation, pranayama and yoga, self-care practices and recipes to help you embody these changing energies.

Here is a little sneak peak at the content within this course.


Available in days
days after you enroll
  Inner Winter (Menstruation)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Inner Spring (Follicular)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Inner Summer (Ovulation)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Inner Autumn (Luteal)
Available in days
days after you enroll


Melodyia Schubiduu

"Bringing all this awareness to the cycles, it was good to really feel into the body. Feeling the internal shifts of the different seasons."

"I felt how much more sensitive I am bleeding with the full moon than with the new moon".

"Before travelling, I was doing the ceremonies, yoga and meditations and I could definitely feel that I was way more aware and less with bleeding"

"I have been travelling since and am less focused on my womb and now have realised how much of a priority it is to connect to my womb"

Daisy Lowe

"Sacred Cycle Wisdom is journey of the self, through the self, to the self... it is a homecoming"

"I am learning the aspects of the nature of cyclical living as a woman. I am understanding subtle (and also dramatic!) cues from my body to sync up with my internal rhythm."

"I feel it is important to take this journey together as women & rise form the utter suppression of information mainstream conditioning has offered us to thrive amidst a culture that demands so much"

"I am feeling more equipped as a woman to not only understand my needs but also how to nurture and nourish myself in the most supportive way in every phase of my cycle."

" I am more at ease and in flow with sacred cycle wisdom"

"This is a rite for all women. Who knew our cycle could be our super power?"

Ruby Susie

"I feel so much stronger with this foundation and knowledge of cyclical living"

"I am so much more aware of my cyclical nature & I am so much kinder to myself knowing this"

"The devotion I have to myself [during this course] is creating so much more acceptance and love and truth in my life"

"Thank you for sharing your divine souls and knowledge"



Hello, my name is Jaymie. I am a mama, lover of nature and the creator of Earth Alchemy Natural Therapies.

I am a Medicine Women, Acutonics Sound healer, Holistic Menstrual Cycle Educator, Seasonal/Cyclical Cook, Yoga Teacher with Chinese Medicine Foundations, Women's Circle Facilitator & Botanical Skincare Therapist.

I help women connect with their rhythm of their bodies, thier cycles, the moon and the earth. Helping to establish balance & harmony within their bodies, menstrual cycle, hormonal system & entire beings.

The second leg of Earth Alchemy Natural Therapies is Earth Alchemy Self Care which is my creative outlet of handmade botanical skincare & ceremonial ritual tools. My intention in creating these products is to share truly natural, organic, Earth conscious products. Brining the ritual & intention back into our bade & especially in relationship to our bodies.

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@earthalchemy_naturaltherapies @earthalchemy.seflcare


My name is Courtney Lowe and it is my greatest honour to support women in their reclamation of their sacred cyclical nature.

I am the founder of The Reconnection Initiative. I am a Feminine Embodiment Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Cacao & Breathwork Facilitator, Sacred Space Holder and Intuitive. I teach you how to alchemise stored trauma, pain and emotions from the body and reclaim your soul truth. I am here to remind you of the pleasure, passion and peace that is available to you through the power of presence, sacred movement, sound, love and connection.

I am so deeply passionate about supporting women to remember how to create safety within themselves. To reconnect to their hearts, their womb, their intuition, their full spectrum woman and express themselves as their rawest, most authentic self.

I believe that for women to be able to do this, it is necessary that we understand and reconnect to our innately cyclical nature. Learning how living in alignment to our cycle can totally transform the way we show up in the world, the way we do business and the way we connect to Self.

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Kirrily Blakeman

"I truly feel, and I'll say it forever, cyclical living helped me to conceive."

"I have had a life-changing few months journeying through Sacred Cycle Wisdom. Things that will stick by forever, things that I will use forever and grow as I use them"

Still not sure if this immersion is right for you?

We only desire to support women who's wombs are calling for this with an absolute yes!

We would love to connect over a free 15-minute no-obligation connection call to help answer any questions you may have.


How much is this course?

Full price of the course is $555, including a cyclical living planner (valued at $77).

Will I get 1 on 1 coaching/feedback/support from Courtney & Jaymie?

There will be time in the Q&A calls (run every 3 months) for you to bring forth any questions you have or support that you need. If you are seeking a higher level of 1 on 1 support, definitely consider booking in a connection call to see how either of us can best support you.

How much time will this immersion take?

There is approximately 15 Hours worth of content to make your way through. We understand that everyone has different schedules and availability which is why we have structured the online container the way we have. You will have lifetime access to this content for you to come back to and complete in your own time. This way, you can implement small pieces each cycle suited to your own time availability - deepening your journey each cycle.

What is your refund policy?

We honour your commitment to yourself and us. There will be no refunds granted under any circumstances.